Kenton Foot Patrol Training Next Month

The next training for Kenton residents interested in joining our soon to start Kenton Community Foot Patrol is coming up next month! We have already trained 13 members and would like to double this number prior to our kick off walk, which will be held in early February.

Foot Patrols are non-confrontational community groups who walk in designated areas and help observe and report a host of issues including crime, suspicious activity, and maintenance issues. The biggest goal of a Community Foot Patrol is to connect neighbors, build a stronger sense of community and safety, and work directly with Portland Police, Crime Prevention, and other public safety agencies.

Meeting info:
When: Thursday, February 2nd
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: North Portland Neighborhood Services Office / Kenton Historic Firehouse – 2209 N.Schofield St.

Foot Patrol member are asked to donate 1-3 hours a month walking in their neighborhoods and we need as many volunteers as possible to make this group a success.

Please bring a government issued form of identification.

For more information on the Foot Patrol Program please see see the following link:…

For questions or additional information please directly contact:

Mark Wells / City of Portland Crime Prevention / / 503-823-2781

Thank you for your time and consideration and we hope to see you there.

Draft Village Manual Released ahead of Committee Meeting

The KNA has received a draft of the Village Manual, attached below, for the POD Village Proposal. This is the first time the KNA has seen a draft of the manual and is some of the first written documentation on the proposal in general.

This draft along with the development of good neighbor agreement will be discussed at the next KNA committee meeting on the POD Village, which is set for Tuesday, the 10th, 7pm, at Historic Kenton Firehouse (8105 N Brandon Ave) with organizers of the proposal. All Kenton residents are eligible to participate in committees.

Update on the Argyle Village Proposal

UPDATE: The KNA Board has endorsed a letter on the proposal.

I’d like to personally thank everyone that was able to attend last week’s meeting and brave the weather. It wasn’t an easy call to make, but given the proposed timeline for Argyle Village and the impending holiday season, I felt we needed to attempt to hold the meeting rather than postpone.

While certainly some weren’t able to attend, we did have a full house with all the scheduled representatives from the Argyle Village proposal in attendance.

I also recognize that this proposal was basically sprung on the neighborhood with about 24 hours of notice that a meeting on the topic was going to be held. I had hoped for nearly a week’s worth of notice, but the KNA didn’t receive anything in writing about the project until the day before our normally scheduled board meeting. Until we had something in writing, I didn’t want to to publicly release anything on this project.

Even with the short time frame, we reached reached thousands of community members before the meeting and received input from dozens of neighbors.

Based on what the KNA has heard so far, be it from social media, email, the meeting, there seems to be plenty of support for the project in the neighborhood. However, there are still many unanswered questions and concerns about the project, and the general consensus from the meeting was that the project isn’t fully “cooked” and that neighborhood would like to participate in further developing the project.

To that end, the KNA voted at the meeting to form a new committee to work on the Argyle Village proposal, and we are currently looking to host the first meeting of that committee next Tuesday, the 27th, at 6:30pm at the Firehouse (8105 N Brandon Ave). All Kenton residents are eligible to participate in committees and can be appointed by the KNA Chair.  Please contact us if you would like to be involved with this committee and/or if you have questions, concerns, etc.

Furthermore, after an oversight where the neighborhood wasn’t invited to a site planning kick-off event for the proposal, the KNA is drafting a letter to the project organizers that will make, among others, the following points approved by the board:

1. The timeline for the proposal be slowed down.

2. The KNA’s newly formed committee be engaged in the planning process and collaborate with project leaders over a series of meetings to further work out the details of the project.

3. The project leaders work with the KNA to sponsor a dedicated community forum in Kenton.

Tyler Roppe
KNA Chair

Community Input Requested on Shelter Proposal

The City of Portland, Catholic Charities and the Joint Office of Homeless Services are proposing to open a transitional village-style shelter consisting of micro-housing sleeping pods for up to 14 women in Kenton at 2221 N Argyle St next year.

As a result, members of the Office of Mayor Charlie Hales, Catholic Charities and the Joint Office of Homeless Services are scheduled to attend the KNA meeting tomorrow, December 14th, at the Historic Kenton Firehouse (8105 N Brandon Ave) at 7pm to engage in opening dialogue about the proposal with the neighborhood.

Although the KNA was originally notified of the proposal earlier in the month, the KNA has only today received requested written documentation, which is embedded below, on the proposition to send out to the neighborhood.

The KNA Chair believes this project will fail without neighborhood support.

Therefore, if you have any comments, concerns, etc. about this proposal, please try to attend tomorrow’s meeting. If you are unable to make it, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to make sure your voice is heard.

PDC Set to Dedicate Nelson Plaza Tomorrow



The Portland Development Commission will officially welcome Nelson Plaza and Kenton’s food cart pod to the neighborhood tomorrow, the 1st!

See the official press release below:

October 31, 2016
Contact: Shawn Uhlman, PDC, 503-823-7994

PDC to Dedicate Nelson Plaza and Welcome New Food Carts

On Tuesday, November 1 from noon to 1:00 p.m., PDC Executive Director Kimberly Branam will join family members of a longtime Kenton business and property owner to dedicate Nelson Plaza, 8419 N. Interstate. The site will be a community gathering space and home to up to six new food carts serving the neighborhood.

Family patriarch Victor R. Nelson founded Kenton Machine Works and was the force behind Kenton’s most visible landmark, the Paul Bunyan statue that stands at the north end of N. Interstate Avenue. The statue represents Kenton’s roots as a rugged, working class neighborhood. The Nelson Plaza dedication will include the presentation of a plaque recognizing Mr. Nelson and his family’s history in the community.

The Plaza site is one of four properties originally owned by the Nelsons and purchased by PDC in 2011 for future development.  Due to market conditions, PDC decided to hold onto the Plaza site and make tenant improvements instead.  In 2015, PDC completed a development study that recommended a phasing approached for future development of the site and surrounding PDC-owned properties.

PDC worked with a group of community stakeholders to gather input on use of the Plaza site that would be supported by the neighborhood. The stakeholders, including local business owners and members of the Kenton Neighborhood and Kenton Business associations, expressed a strong desire to activate the space and attract the public to the north end of Denver Avenue.

Branam said, “We’re happy to honor the Nelson family’s role in Kenton and dedicate this site as a community space that also offers new opportunities for food entrepreneurs to serve residents and local businesses and their employees.”

Karen Nelson Wheeler said, “Our family has a long history here in Kenton, and we’re honored to have a plaque recognizing the role of my grandfather, as not only a longtime property and business owner but also as the visionary behind Kenton’s landmark Paul Bunyan statue. We’re very proud of our impact on the community and look forward to its future growth.”

The design and construction team (Raimore Construction, KPFF, 2.Ink Studio, and R& W Engineering) incorporated many of the community ideas, including spaces for food carts, a courtyard, a boardwalk path, community kiosk, plants and trees. PDC used Interstate Corridor urban renewal area funds for the site renovation.

Food carts up and running at Nelson Plaza include DeHomis, Drunken Noodle, and Killa Dilla.
PDC’s history with the Kenton neighborhood and physical improvements dates back many years and includes a $5 million streetscape improvement project completed in 2010.

Kenton’s Trick or Treat Event Returns Tomorrow

Kenton’s Annual Trick or Treat event is tomorrow, October 27th, from 5pm – 7pm at businesses around N Denver. Come show off your costumes!


Speaker Kotek Issues Statement on Leaded Fuel Use at PIR

During investigations into the so-called Kenton lead blob, the KNA learned that the Portland International Raceway (PIR) still allows racers to use leaded fuels. Given the recent concerns for lead around the neighborhood, the KNA questioned the city of Portland, which owns and operates the track through the bureau of Portland Parks & Recreation, about the continued use of these fuels back in May.

Following several months of looking into the issue, Eileen Argentina–Manager for the Recreation Services Division–recently released a statement responding to the KNA:

Thank you for your patience regarding your questions about the use of leaded gas use at PIR.  After researching the history of regulation of lead in gas, and consulting with our Health, Safety, and Environmental Consultant, we are confident that use of leaded gas at PIR events complies with applicable EPA regulations designed to protect public health.  The proportion of vehicles using leaded gas at PIR is relatively small and over the long term has been declining.  However, for some vehicles and some events, it continues to be an essential component of competitive racing and the PIR experience.

We understand and appreciate the concerns that led to your inquiry.  At this time, we are not making any change to the current practice of allowing some vehicles to use leaded gas.  If additional information comes to light that suggests the need for a re-evaluation, we will of course be willing to do that.

We’ve had a chance to review the documentary produced by the Kenton resident who initially raised the issue of leaded gas being used at PIR.  The documentary clearly has a much broader focus and recognizes the complexity of tracking and analyzing causal factors when exploring toxins in our environment.  In the end, it reinforces our understanding that by far the source of greatest concern for lead contamination remains lead paint.  This is where PP&R is currently concentrating its efforts – through the testing and remediation of lead paint on play equipment.

Thank you – we value the ongoing dialogue that we have with you and look forward to continuing that work together.

Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek, who lives in and represents Kenton as part of House District 44, has decided to issue her own statement back to the city at the request of the KNA. Please see the Speaker’s letter below:

Fall Edition of the Kenton Connect Goes to Press

Thanks to all the hard works of the KNA’s Communications Committee, the next edition of the Kenton Connect has gone off to the presses. It will start making its way around the neighborhood in the coming days via the efforts of the dedicated Kenton Walkers. Cant wait? You can check out the digital copy.

Delays Continue for Nelson Plaza

img_20160721_182350282_hdrThe Nelson Plaza and Kenton Food Carts Dedication is going to be rescheduled from its previous date of the 15th. A new date has not been set, but it likely won’t happen until next month or the tail end of September.

The project manager for the plaza, Sue Lewis with the Portland Development Commission, issued the following to community stakeholders:

Due to circumstance beyond our control, the dedication is being rescheduled. We cannot guarantee electricity connection or Occupancy Permit issuance by next week nor the food carts having their required permits. Therefore, there is no alternative but to reschedule. I am disappointed, as I’m sure you all are, but know it will happen!

My understanding is as soon as Occupancy Permit is issued, hopefully next week, the fence will be removed, allowing access. As soon as the carts have their required permits, hopefully the following week, they will occupy their space.

Land Use Update for August

IMG_20160721_182350282_HDRHere are the latest notes from the KNA’s Land Use Committee:

Nelson Plaza Food Cart

Dedication might happen on the first or second week of September.

4 carts (tentative):

DeHomis – Japanese Comfort Food

Drunken Noodle – Thai

Killa Dilla – Quesadillas

Puffy J’s – Puffy tacos

Portland Historic District Presentation

September 8th 6pm at 5736 SE 17th Ave.

What are the rules? Are there costs? And why might it offer protection to your home and neighborhood? Ask questions of an expert panel and figure out what historic district designation means to you.

Portland Harbor Superfund

Proposed Plan documents at NPNS

Meeting on August 31st at 7pm at 700 N. Killingworth

The plan for cleaning up Portland’s superfund sites appears to propose creating concentrated superfund sites. How we treat our contaminated land and water greatly impacts future generations here in Portland and downstream from us.

Portland Harbor CAG Steering Group meets on August 24, 6pm, at the BES Water Lab, 6543 N Burlington.

Columbia Children’s Arboretum

Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz has designated more than $1.1 million towards improvements at Portland Parks & Recreation’s (PP&R) Columbia Children’s Arboretum. The funding comes not from tax dollars, but from construction development funds called “SDCs” or System Development Charges. The investment will allow PP&R to increase circulation and access at the Arboretum—including the development of a paved multi-use trail, vital for more people to be able to get around the unique northeast Portland destination.

Mass Shelter and Housing Zoning Code Update

There are some changes to the upcoming zoning code to allow for more shelter housing.  You can see them here and comment:

Asbestos and Lead Paint Overview and where to report concerns

Overview of the demolition permitting process, including what is expected of contractors related to asbestos and lead

Certification Regarding Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint

The Bureau of Development Services Announces Search for Members of the Public to Serve on the Design Commission

If you’re interested in serving, you have until August 31st to apply at


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