Kenton Women’s Village Newsletter for July

Catholic Charities has released the first issue of their monthly newsletter for the Kenton Women’s Village. See the newsletter below:

How to Donate to the Kenton Women’s Village

With so many neighbors wanting to donate to the Kenton Women’s Village, a new system has been implemented with the help of neighbor Terrance Moses, who recently joined the KNA’s committee on the Kenton Women’s Village.

Step 1: See list of needed items from Catholic Charities, which is provided below.

Step 2: Do no attempt to drop items off at the Village.

Step 3: Contact Terrance Moses at 503.490.2598 or for donation drop off. Terrance has set up facilities at his Kenton home to store and distribute items to the Village.

Twin bed Frame                Flashlights

Twin bed sheets                Pillows

Small chairs                      First aid kits

Shower curtains                Small indoor rugs 2×3

Out door welcome mats    Hangers

Wash cloths                      Female hygiene products

Silverware                         Plates, mugs, pots, plastic storage containers,

Toilet paper                       Paper towels,

Coffee maker                    Solar lamps, solar fans

Picnic tables                     Outdoor chairs or benches

12-Smoke detectors         14-Co2 detectors all battery operated

Fire extinguishers             Microwave

Cordless vacuum             Surge protectors,

Batteries all sizes             Heavy duty on command wall hangers

Gift cards for communal use by staff.

Annual Board Elections and Open House Tomorrow

The Kenton Neighborhood Association (KNA) welcomes all neighbors to participate in the annual KNA Board elections during an open house on June 14th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Twilight Theater Company (7515 N Brandon Ave), Kenton’s home for theatrical entertainment!

Besides neighborhood voting on board and officer positions for the KNA, the event will feature an open house with representatives from REACH Community Development, Kenton/Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Emergency Team, Catholic Charities and Portland Parks & Recreation along with some fun snacks from Green Zebra.

Around 7pm, REACH Community Development will be giving a short presentation on their development of a mixed-use affordable housing complex across from Nelson Plaza at 2133 N Argyle while Kenton/Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Emergency Team will follow with an overview of earthquake preparedness.

Village Opening Soon: Pods Set to Arrive Starting Friday

Since the Kenton Women’s Village, formally known as the POD Village, was approved during a neighborhood vote in March, it’s been a slight mystery as to when the village would actually open. However, thanks to a tentative schedule unveiled to members of the Kenton Neighborhood Association’s (KNA) committee on the village this evening, we might finally have the answer.

For starters, the sleeping pods for the Kenton Women’s Village are scheduled to be delivered to the village site in Kenton over a three-day period beginning on Friday, the 2nd, by The ReBuilding Center. Shipping containers offering community facilities like hot-water showers and porta potties should follow by the early part of next week.

With the pods on-site, City Repair and PSU’s Center for Public Interest Design are hosting work parties as part of Village Building Convergence on the 5th and 7th to build berms, planters, stairs and a fence for the village. Neighbors are absolutely encouraged to volunteer to help out on those dates.

While unforeseen issues could delay the overall opening, an open house for neighbors to come and check out the village will definitely take place on the 9th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at the site.

So when should the village be expected to finally open? Following the open house, residents should move in around the 12th. Of course, that’s subject to change, but for now, the village open date is in roughly two weeks.

Other notes:

-An onsite manager for the village has been hired and will be at the site 40 hours of week.

-9 residents have been selected and are on the last steps of the intake process. 5 additional residents have selected to go through the intake process.

-Finalized versions of documents like the Village Manual have been requested by the KNA and should be provided soon.

-Water tanks will be used to provide running water.

-Electricity will be dropped to the site by PGE, but outdoor lighting will be powered via solar lights.

Kenton Street Fair Hits N Denver on Sunday!

The 8th Annual Kenton Street Fair takes place on N Denver Avenue this Sunday, the 21st, from 10am to 6pm! This year will feature over 80+ vendors, 21 bands playing across 3 stages and a kid’s area with tons of great activities in the Wells Fargo parking lot. There’s also a Kid’s Parade kicking off the fair at 10am sharp followed by the Coaster Car Demo!

Be sure to stop by the KNA booth where we’ll have the latest batch of Kenton hoodies and tees for sale!

For road and bus impacts caused by the fair, go here.

May Update on the Kenton Women’s Village

Since the neighborhood vote back in March that moved the proposal toward implementation, the POD Village in Kenton, currently being called the Kenton Women’s Village, hasn’t appeared to make much progress: Passing by the site at 2221 N Argyle St. today offers the same experience it did back in March of an empty lot.

But looks can be deceiving.

The project is still happening, and progress is being made; it’s just taking longer than originally expected to make the village a reality. How long exactly? Current speculation points toward June.

In particular, here are a few of progress the KNA has been made aware of:

On the Good Neighbor Agreement (Partnership Agreement), the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) is still awaiting some signatures, but the KNA Board has approved the agreement and will sign pending ONI obtaining the outstanding signatures. has completed the agreement, and all parties have signed it, including the KNA.

As always, please contact us if you would like to be involved with the KNA’s committee on the village and/or if you have questions, concerns, etc. All Kenton residents are eligible to participate in committees.

Tyler Roppe

KNA Chair








Volunteers Needed for Kenton Street Fair

The Kenton Business Association is hard at work getting the Kenton Street Fair Fundraiser set up and ready for THIS FRIDAY, April 14 at 6pm at DISJECTA. But your help is needed to really make it awesome.

Volunteers are needed for:

Email Marina or Melissa if you can help us with any of these things. The more people we have, the more fun it will be!

KBA Seeking Donations to Support Street Fair Fundraiser

The Silent Auction Fundraiser for the Kenton Street Fair is scheduled for April 14th, 6-9:30pm, at Disjecta (8371 N Interstate Ave). Tickets for the fundraiser will be $15 and include drinks and appetizers.

The Kenton Business Association is currently looking for items to be donated to the auction. Please contact Melissa Bancuk at 503.233.2062 or for more information. The auction wish list is below:

One Week Later: General Meeting Postmortem

At least week’s General Meeting, the neighbors in attendance, representing the General Membership of the KNA, overwhelmingly voted in favor of the POD Village Proposal 178 to 75.

The unprecedented night was certainly a victory for most in the room, who celebrated the neighborhood’s leap of faith to give this pilot project a chance and looked forward to seeing the village come to life, but for those on the other side, the night ended with a sour taste, wondering what just happened.

Let’s take a look.

Neighborhood Engagement: Why didn’t I hear about this sooner?

The KNA spent months discussing the POD Village Proposal with neighbors via social media, various meetings, website and e-news. Last month, we also published the latest edition of the Kenton Connect Newsletter, which we make thousands of copies of and attempt to drop them by every residence in the neighborhood, to give an overview of the project and announce the neighborhood vote.

Looking past the KNA’s efforts, various media outlets helped spread the word, be it KATU, Portland Mercury, KGW, Portland Tribune or KXL, throughout the process from breaking the story to promoting the neighborhood vote while the Village Coalition canvassed the neighborhood in the weeks leading up to the vote.

But was it enough?

That seems to be up for debate around the neighborhood. I’ve heard plenty of neighbors levy criticisms against the city for not funding mailed flyers, for example, and while that might have helped inform the neighborhood on some level, we ultimately need to work together as neighbors to figure out how to best communicate with each other. That’s an ongoing conversation.

The General Meeting: Why wasn’t this a debate?

The imbalance between neighbors that had known about the POD Village Proposal for months and those recently finding out about it was clearly on display during the meeting, and for the latter side, they wanted the meeting to be something it wasn’t: A public hearing.

We can debate how effective it actually is to have people sign up to ask questions and/or make comments for extended periods of time, but the KNA was very clear in our messaging as to what would take place: An open house from 6-7pm, voting and a presentation from 7-8pm.

There was no mention or indication the General Meeting would be a town hall, debate, public hearing, etc.

However, we did include time for a question and answer session, and more than half the meeting was allocated to just that.

The reality was that the General Meeting wasn’t a good platform for someone that had just learned about the project and had lots of unanswered questions. I hate to say that, but with the amount of people in attendance, logistics of the vote and limited time for the event, this meeting was designed for having any lingering questions possibly answered and facilitating the neighborhood vote.

In fact, many neighbors punched their votes early on even though voting was allowed until the end of the meeting, so as neighbors made comments and asked questions during the second half of the meeting, the vote was already largely in.

The proposal had passed.

Looking back, we did make a mistake in giving the project organizers of the POD Village Proposal ample opportunities to engage neighbors throughout the process while not offering enough of a platform for those in opposition. That didn’t, though, make the vote and/or process any less valid.

The Vote: Why wasn’t it closer?

Since the advent of the POD Village Proposal, the message sent from the neighborhood to the KNA was largely in support of the proposal. Every indication was that the POD Village Proposal had significant support among neighbors and would have a decent shot at passing a neighborhood vote.

Still, I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen last week. Our online survey that had roughly 600 participants showed slightly under a majority in support with sizable group unsure/undecided. Could those unsure/undecided swing toward being opposed? Maybe a significant portion of the neighborhood opposed would not make their voice known until the vote?

In the end, Kenton showed up in support of the proposal. That wasn’t a shocking revelation when you look at the rest of the data, but the margin of victory was impressive. Still, you could argue there was an enthusiasm gap that leaned in favor, but I would counter that for those opposed that wanted to take a stand against the city, this was their opportunity; they had all the reason to make it down to the meeting to vote.

Those votes weren’t there.

Moving Forward: What now?

The KNA is an organization for neighbors by neighbors. I welcome anyone that wants to be a part of the KNA to get involved. There is a call-to-action here; yes, we had a vote, but that’s not the end. If you don’t like how the KNA handled this process and/or just want to make a difference, you can do something about it. Heck, you can even vote me out in June.

Kenton is going through a transition where newer residents have started to drastically 0utnumber long-time residents. We need to realize that, and while having lived here this or that many years doesn’t grant one the ability to determine the direction of the neighborhood, it’s important to respect those that made Kenton what it is today and honor their knowledge and experience as we move forward.

As for the POD Village, we are still waiting for the Good Neighbor Agreement (Partnership Agreement) to pass legal review. [UPDATE: You can review the final draft here] Overall, I’d say the project is in a holding pattern for neighborhood involvement while some bureaucratic pieces fall into place, but neighbors are certainly anxious to help. Beyond that, the KNA’s committee on the POD Village will be tasked with handling most aspects of the POD Village for the KNA, and any neighbor that would like to join that committee should contact us.

Tyler Roppe

KNA Chair


Updated Good Neighbor Agreement Draft Released

Hours before the Kenton Neighborhood Association General Meeting, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement has released an updated draft of the good neighborhood agreement (partnership agreement) for the POD Village Proposal after a meeting of the parties to the agreement was held on Monday.

UPDATE: The final draft has been released and is provided below:

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