Delays Continue for Nelson Plaza

img_20160721_182350282_hdrThe Nelson Plaza and Kenton Food Carts Dedication is going to be rescheduled from its previous date of the 15th. A new date has not been set, but it likely won’t happen until next month or the tail end of September.

The project manager for the plaza, Sue Lewis with the Portland Development Commission, issued the following to community stakeholders:

Due to circumstance beyond our control, the dedication is being rescheduled. We cannot guarantee electricity connection or Occupancy Permit issuance by next week nor the food carts having their required permits. Therefore, there is no alternative but to reschedule. I am disappointed, as I’m sure you all are, but know it will happen!

My understanding is as soon as Occupancy Permit is issued, hopefully next week, the fence will be removed, allowing access. As soon as the carts have their required permits, hopefully the following week, they will occupy their space.