DEQ Holding Public Meeting about APES’ Permit Renewal and Expansion Tomorrow

The Oregon Department of Environmental (DEQ) will be holding a public meeting about American Petroleum Environment Services (APES), the oil re-refinery that operates in Kenton and was previously the subject of a federal investigation over health concerns, seeking a permit renewal and expansion tomorrow, March 7, 6-8pm, at the Red Lion Hayden Island (909 N Hayden Island Dr).

The following is fromĀ Portland North Harbor Neighbors on the event:

Why is it important to attend? In the past, local oil refinery air contamination permits were extended because not ‘enough’ people showed concern.

It’s been almost a year since DEQ told us to “shut our windows and try not to breathe it” when residents complained about how the toxic emissions from Portland’s two oil refineries affect their health.

Last August, DEQ revealed that they’ve known since 2011 that the required emission control devices had been removed. DEQ’s lack of
transparency about the oil refinery issues is negligent and has eroded our trust in their ability to protect us and the environment.

Meanwhile, APES is still allowed to release poisonous VOCs and heavy particulates 24/7 without ANY emission control devices.

Watch the 10 short educational videos at called ‘Pulling Back The Curtain’ and get fired up to speak up on March 7.

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