How to Donate to the Kenton Women’s Village

With so many neighbors wanting to donate to the Kenton Women’s Village, a new system has been implemented with the help of neighbor Terrance Moses, who recently joined the KNA’s committee on the Kenton Women’s Village.

Step 1: See list of needed items from Catholic Charities, which is provided below.

Step 2: Do no attempt to drop items off at the Village.

Step 3: Contact Terrance Moses at 503.490.2598 or for donation drop off. Terrance has set up facilities at his Kenton home to store and distribute items to the Village.

Twin bed Frame                Flashlights

Twin bed sheets                Pillows

Small chairs                      First aid kits

Shower curtains                Small indoor rugs 2×3

Out door welcome mats    Hangers

Wash cloths                      Female hygiene products

Silverware                         Plates, mugs, pots, plastic storage containers,

Toilet paper                       Paper towels,

Coffee maker                    Solar lamps, solar fans

Picnic tables                     Outdoor chairs or benches

12-Smoke detectors         14-Co2 detectors all battery operated

Fire extinguishers             Microwave

Cordless vacuum             Surge protectors,

Batteries all sizes             Heavy duty on command wall hangers

Gift cards for communal use by staff.