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Kenton residents, Friends of Trees needs YOU!  Come meet your neighbors and help beautify your neighborhood by planting trees!  A wonderful selection of city-approved trees is available at low cost to Kentonians—-just visit to find the perfect tree for your yard.  Sign-up deadline is Monday, January 14th, with orders due by the 28th.  Planting day is Saturday, February 16th, and is fantastic opportunity to volunteer—–North Portland’s tree planting has developed quite a reputation as a FUN way to spend a Saturday, with a potluck lunch, comraderie, and a raffle with cool prizes (last year there was even live music!).   Questions?  Just call 503-282-8846 x528.  Join us!

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  1. The friends of three planting is February 16th from kenton to the tip of St Johns.
    Over the past four years Darrell Grenz and I have teamed up as members of the NPBA to mulch all of the trees that are planted on planting day in North Portland.

    Darrell and I will continue to organize the maps and secure the mulch.
    When we started 4 years ago we planted just over 200 trees last year it was near 475 and took us over 8 hours to mulch.
    Darrell and I will continue to secure the mulch and organize the maps for North Portland, but we are only going to mulch the Kenton and University Park areas which over lay our UPBD area.
    We are securing teams for St Johns but are getting zero response from Kenton Neighborhood Association or Business Association.
    North Portland has the highest success rate for our newly planted trees due to the mulching effort the NPBA has undertaken for over ten years.. we would hate for kenton to not be a part of that.

    A team would be 2 people a truck at least one shovel and a 5 gallon bucket or 2.

    Please contact
    David Schleiger @ Copy Pilot
    Darrell Grenz with the Grenz farmers agency.

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