Follow-up From Last Night’s Meeting

The Kenton Neighborhood Association hosted an open house and general meeting last night at DISJECTA. If you attend or not, be sure to take a look at The Kenton Lead Blob site. As well, The Kenton Lead Blob documentary is embedded below:

The Eastside Portland Air Coalition (EPAC) also provided the attached letter as follow-up to last night’s meeting:

Kenton neighbors,
Thank you so much for inviting us last night; we had a marvelous time and wow do you know how to set up a spread! Thank you for the food; it was delicious. We had lots of good conversations during tabling and after the presentations. We met a lot of people ready for action or already taking action for air quality. We saw connections being made between residents. Very exciting. Thank you!
Here are some links and information for your members. Some of this we had available last night and some of it came in this morning. I hope you have a mechanism for sharing this with your members.
The link to the Governor’s 18-month regulatory overhaul of the DEQ’s permitting and rule-making process to prioritize human health: I have attached the timeline that can be found on the website. All DEQ meetings are open to the public. There are webinars and opportunities for public input/comment.
Link to the final US Forest Service moss study:
Here us the link specific to the APES and ORRCO [the two oil re-refining places we were talking about] issue that impacts Kenton as well as St Johns, Bridgeton, and Hayden Island:

HiNoon/Hayden Island FB group:

Hayden Island resident and activist Mary Lou Putnam’s blog on local pollution:
And this from Mary Lou: “Kentonites must alert DEQ and EPA each time you detect the petrol based acrid off-gassing. You should report the wind direction, time of day, and intensity on a scale of 1-24. (They told us last fall they don’t really pay attention unless the intensity is at least a 20). In the past, the lack of alerts by concerned citizens have contributed to air permits to be extended, and lax enforcement. ” Here are direct emails to the DEQ & EPA folks dealing with this:
Portland’s own invaluable and non-profit resource:
Portlanders for Safe Schools facebook page (Parents organizing around lead at PPS) for DEQ/EPA/Fire Marshal data/maps on hazardous materials being used and dtored in Multnomah and Washington Counties.
information about the Precautionary Principle:
and, of course:
Eastside Portland Air Coalition (facebook)
Adequately-funded, health-based Air Toxics regulation, permitting and enforcement based on the Precautionary Principle!
Thanks again,
Katharine Salzmann