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Triple Crown Market is renovating, and has big plans to transform their existing storefront from a convenience store to a corner grocer! With the volunteer efforts of members of the Kenton Business Association, expect big changes in the coming months.  Interior renovations begin in January, while exterior changes will take place in the spring/summer to coincide with storefront grant funding.  In the meantime, be sure to visit the store and show your support to help keep this loyal family business operating until the full transformation can take place!

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  1. Peter Korn says:


    I’m a reporter with the Portland Tribune and I’d like to write a story about the Kenton Neighborhood Association’s interest in helping transform the market. I’ve read that volunteers are helping–which is unusual. What does transforming the market mean to Kenton?

    But I’ve got to interview people today. Could somebody please give me a call?


    Peter Korn
    Portland Tribune
    503 957-8314

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