Update on the Argyle Village Proposal

UPDATE: The KNA Board has endorsed a letter on the proposal.

I’d like to personally thank everyone that was able to attend last week’s meeting and brave the weather. It wasn’t an easy call to make, but given the proposed timeline for Argyle Village and the impending holiday season, I felt we needed to attempt to hold the meeting rather than postpone.

While certainly some weren’t able to attend, we did have a full house with all the scheduled representatives from the Argyle Village proposal in attendance.

I also recognize that this proposal was basically sprung on the neighborhood with about 24 hours of notice that a meeting on the topic was going to be held. I had hoped for nearly a week’s worth of notice, but the KNA didn’t receive anything in writing about the project until the day before our normally scheduled board meeting. Until we had something in writing, I didn’t want to publicly release anything on this project.

Even with the short time frame, we reached thousands of community members before the meeting and received input from dozens of neighbors.

Based on what the KNA has heard so far, be it from social media, email, the meeting, there seems to be plenty of support for the project in the neighborhood. However, there are still many unanswered questions and concerns about the project, and the general consensus from the meeting was that the project isn’t fully “cooked” and that neighborhood would like to participate in further developing the project.

To that end, the KNA voted at the meeting to form a new committee to work on the Argyle Village proposal, and we are currently looking to host the first meeting of that committee next Tuesday, the 27th, at 6:30pm at the Firehouse (8105 N Brandon Ave). All Kenton residents are eligible to participate in committees and can be appointed by the KNA Chair.  Please contact us if you would like to be involved with this committee and/or if you have questions, concerns, etc.

Furthermore, after an oversight where the neighborhood wasn’t invited to a site planning kick-off event for the proposal, the KNA is drafting a letter to the project organizers that will make, among others, the following points approved by the board:

1. The timeline for the proposal be slowed down.

2. The KNA’s newly formed committee be engaged in the planning process and collaborate with project leaders over a series of meetings to further work out the details of the project.

3. The project leaders work with the KNA to sponsor a dedicated community forum in Kenton.

Tyler Roppe
KNA Chair