Updates on the Kenton Women’s Village

On Sunday, Susan Oliver and I released a statement making public that allegations had been made about illegal activity taking place at the Kenton Women’s Village (KWV). Given the seriousness of some of these accusations that, for example, Catholic Charities might be dismissing and/or ignoring reports of criminal behavior at the KWV, we felt that the Kenton Neighborhood Association (KNA) needed to notify the neighborhood on some level of the situation and would report back once we knew more.

Although it quickly became publicly known, we didn’t speak to the nature of the supposed criminal activity as to not negatively impact any ongoing investigations nor exacerbate assumptions being made about our fellow neighbors. Of course, some were still quick to try to make this a told-you-so moment while others deemed our actions a reckless exercise in judging a vulnerable population and stirring up negative publicity.

Following our release, Catholic Charities reached out to the KNA and put out a press release, revealing that an investigation was taking place and that landlord-tenant law was limiting the ability for the rules and regulations of the KWV to be enforced. By Monday, the media was covering the situation, and the inaugural KWV Steering Committee meeting was working on ensuring the success of the KWV.

So, here’s where we stand:

As always, if you want to get involved, have questions, etc., feel free to contact us.

Tyler Roppe

KNA Chair





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