Burglar(s) Awareness Alert, more info

We would like to caution our neighbors that home burglaries have been increasing.  This will be discussed in detail at this month’s PSAC meeting:  Wednesday October 28th, 7 pm Historic Kenton Firehouse with Sgt. Robert King, our new NRT Sgt.  Local Portland Police have had several missions with the property detectives and other officers including putting up the police aircraft and patrolling over this area of Kenton at night using their infrared cameras in an effort to spot the burglar(s) in the area.  No arrests yet, but they are working this case very diligently.  

Our local Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Wells  wants to remind all Kenton residents to lock and secure all doors and windows and remove high dollar electronic items from easy view while residents are not home.  The vast majority of these burglaries involved the suspect gaining entry through open windows or easily removing screens.  Hopefully with the weather changing, there won’t be as many open doors/windows, but folks still need to remain vigilant.  Also remember to call the police if you see anyone suspicious walking around homes, especially from midnight to the early morning hours.

NEW Update October 13, 2009:

KGW Website has article on “Cat Burglar hits 19 North Portland homes”. 

Link for website:  http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_101309_news_cat_burglar_north_portland.2123b11e5.html

Link for map of homes:  http://www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2009-10/3056/North_Cat_Burgs_0906-1008_Green.pdf

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