Kenton Placemaking Grant Awards $10,000 to Community Groups

Through the North Portland Trust Fund (NPTF) under Portland Parks & Recreation and managed by North Portland Neighborhood Services, the Kenton Neighborhood Association (KNA) is proud to announce the recipients of the North Portland Trust Fund Kenton Placemaking Grant.

-The Historic Kenton Firehouse, a historic building, offers free or reduced rates to 35 community groups and partners and will replace tables purchased over 20 years ago. $500

-The Kenton Farmers Market and community will create a street painting project focusing on food and health at a significant street node, creating space for connection and conversation. $1650

-The Arbor Lodge/Kenton Neighborhood Emergency Team will create neighborhood block-level resiliency through distributed emergency, secure,, medical supply caches. $1725

-Events, landmarks and neighborhood assets will be highlighted on a new edition of the Kenton Business District map expanding to include Lombard Street businesses. $1200

-The Kenton Rose Garden, a local Kenton landmark, was planted over 25 years ago and is maintained by volunteers. The garden will benefit from a new sign and bench allowing more people to enjoy the roses. $4925

Under the NPTF, the KNA was allotted $10,000 to establish the Kenton Placemaking Grant Program for community enhancement projects that increase connections people have to each other and the places they care about; engage historically marginalized and/or underrepresented communities; and sustain those already involved and/or strengthen existing programs.

Applications under the Kenton Placemaking Grant were eligible to apply for awards ranging from $500 up to $5,000. Grant awards were determined by an evaluation committee, selected by the KNA Board of Directors, of individuals that live and/or work in the Kenton neighborhood.

10 grant applications were received, requesting more than $30,000.

Special thanks to all those that participated in the process, from grant applicants to committee members, and our partners North Portland Neighborhood Services, Portland Parks and Recreation, Portland International Raceway, Green Savoree.

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