Kenton Women’s Village Finds a New Home [Updated]

With Transition Projects Inc. recently securing funds to develop their low-income housing facility at the site of the Kenton Women’s Village (KWV) at 2221 N Argyle St, the KWV appeared to be ending in January, months before its current end date of June 30th, 2019. However, the Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) has revealed concrete plans to move the KWV a short distance down N Argyle St to 2420 N Columbia Blvd and establish it as a long-term project.

This new iteration, dubbed KWV 2.0, will roll out in two phases on city-owned land that isn’t eligible for commercial development with work possibly beginning in October (see timeline). Using the same transitional housing model, KWV 2.0 will feature 20 micro-housing sleeping pods, 6 or so of which would be reused from the original site, and improved community facilities and infrastructure like running water, sewer and electricity.

Originally, the KWV was started as a limited-duration pilot project that was subject to neighborhood approval to provide transitional housing for up to 14 homeless female-identified people in a village-style community with oversight and ongoing support from a contracted non-profit, Catholic Charities.

With the move toward a long-term project with significant public investment under a tight timeline, JOHS has been altering the planning and development process of the KWV 2.0 away from neighborhood approval and involvement to a more traditional approach that alters previous commitments to the neighborhood.

To determine next steps, the KNA Board will be meeting with the organizing partners of the KWV on October 10, 7pm, at the Historic Kenton Firehouse (8105 N Brandon Ave). All neighbors are encouraged to attend.

Any additional information on KWV 2.0 will be released as it’s made available.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, etc.


Phase 1 – estimated completion by January 31st, 2019

Installation of electrical hookups at each pod location and buildout of infrastructure needed for Phase 2 under a tight deadline using mostly professional contractors. The best performing pods will be moved from the current location, along with the existing kitchen and bath facilities.

Should any delays arise, Catholic Charities/JOHS will provide interim accommodations for KWV residents.

Phase 2 – expected completion Spring 2019

The city will complete all remaining infrastructure projects, including sidewalks. Catholic Charities will move in additional pods based on the most successful design. Kitchen and bathrooms will be replaced with enlarged and improved facilities. Walkways, gardens and other projects will be installed. Phase 2 will welcome community engagement and volunteering!



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