Kenton Women’s Village Newsletter for March

All the women and volunteers at Kenton are keeping busy this season! From advocacy to concerts and new Villagers to new apartments… Read on to see what’s happening at KWV.
Oregon Symphony performers, Sarah Kwak and Nancy Ives will be performing at the Historic Kenton Firehouse on March 8th at 7:00pm. This performance is free and open to the public.  Thank you, performers and Historic Kenton Firehouse!
Villagers Advocating for Affordable Housing in Salem

On February 15 Kenton Women’s Village current resident and past resident joined Catholic Charities Peer Support Specialists, Cherie Hadley and Laura Blaney, for a visit to the State Legislature to advocate for housing for homeless and low-income people. The group met with State Senator Kathleen Taylor, Representative Karin Power, and Representative Rob Nosse’s Chief of Staff with a focus on a bill to fund homelessness programs, affordable housing and help provide access to homeownership. The effort was part of Housing Opportunity day where over 60 stakeholders received lobbying training and fanned out in small groups to meet with legislators.

Blanket donations help the villagers stay warm on snowy nights
The Village is staying warm despite the winter wonderland. A thank you to the Portland Women’s Club for the homemade blankets! While we are fairly warm, we will always accept donations of hats, socks, scarves, blankets and gloves. The warning shelters across the county are looking for these items too if we are too far to drive on the icy roads!
Want to help? Sponsor a villager who needs or a new apartment welcome home kit!:
Community Partnerships at work!
  • A new group of nursing students from University of Portland are working on site weekly.  Nursing students help our clients access preventative healthcare, manage chronic health conditions and provide health and wellness information.
  • Holy Redeemer Parish has become our second home for our General Assembly meetings.  Twice a month the parish hosts us for an incredible home cooked meal and allows us to assemble in their warm and comfortable meeting room.  See photos below!
  • St. Wensesauth’s Youth Group help paint, garden, haul debris and organize donated items at the Village for a day of service earlier this month.
A New and Improved Pod Arrives to Kenton Women’s Village

The Pod built by Maslow CNC arrived to the village this past month.  It was based on the pod designed by SERA Architects as part of the Portland Art Museum [Plywood] POD Initiative. This design utilizes four 4’x8′ modules that are joined on site for easy transport.

The Maslow pod design was incorporated from suggestions made by villagers who first occupied Kenton Village when we opened. The ReBuilding Center transported the pod to Kenton as well as took the time to put the pod in place with a forklift. Volunteers, local businesses and community partners continue to help the women at the village in countless ways. We appreciate you!
Congrats to Lynette and Debbie on their new apartments!
Celebrate hope with Catholic Charities of Oregon next week! On Saturday, March 10th at 7 PM, we will gather at the Oregon Convention Center to celebrate the hope provided to women at Kenton Women’s Village and other amazing programs thanks to supporters and friends like you!
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