KNA Board Refers Extension of KWV to the Neighborhood

Last Wednesday, the KNA Board unanimously voted to refer the question of extending the Kenton Women’s Village (KWV) beyond the initial one-year duration to a neighborhood vote at the next General Meeting in June.

While the city-owned land used for the KWV remains under contract to be sold to Transition Projects Inc (TPI) to build low-income housing, that development is running about 6 months behind schedule, allowing the opportunity for the KWV to extend its operation. The KNA Board intends for neighbors to consider approving up to another year of the KWV in case TPI experiences additional delays.

However, before finalizing plans to go past the current June closing date, project organizers for the KWV have vowed to only continue on with Kenton neighborhood support.

Since the next General Meeting won’t be held until June 13th, the KNA Board also granted a conditional extension for the KWV to occupy the site for 3 additional months in case the neighborhood votes against continuing the project. This would allow Catholic Charities, who manages the KWV, to continue normal operations until the neighborhood vote with time to wind down the project if the vote fails.

All persons that are 18 and over and live, lease, rent and/or own any real property within Kenton are eligible to participate in a neighborhood vote. Details of the June 13th vote have not yet been established but will be sent out to all neighbors via electronic methods, the hand-delivered Kenton Connect and possibly by US mail.

Kenton neighbors voted 178 to 75 in favor of the project last year, approving the transitional women’s shelter pilot program for a year. So far, the KWV, which can house up to 14 women, has helped about a dozen residents transition to permanent housing since opening last June.


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