KNA Issues Statement on Black Lives Matter

The Kenton Neighborhood Association (KNA) wishes to unequivocally voice its support for Black Lives Matter and related movements to end police violence and brutality that disproportionately target communities of color. Kenton has historically been, and remains today, a diverse working-class neighborhood. The community’s vibrancy and unique character comes from its racial, ethnic, generational, and economic diversity. We are a neighborhood of long-time residents and newcomers, the housed and unhoused, documented and undocumented–all of whom make us “Kenton strong.”

The KNA feels strongly that all members of the neighborhood should feel safe, welcome and able to participate fully in our community. We see systemic violence and discrimination of communities of color as a serious problem that should concern and prompt action from all of us no matter our individual race and/or ethnicity. The KNA pledges to continue to work to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community members, organizations and businesses as well as use our influence to push for positive change.

We recognize that the recent protests have impacted our community. While we stand united in support of the struggle against police violence and in agreement that transformation is needed, we (like the community itself) have a diversity of views and opinions on how best to bring about this change. The KNA does not advocate a specific strategy and respects that our neighbors hold many different beliefs, but we do encourage people to get involved and engage in civic life. Our greatest asset is learning from one another, being open to hearing differing viewpoints and recognizing the value of strategies other than our own.

We know, too, that for neighbors unaccustomed to large-scale protest as political action, the recent activity in our streets can be a frightening and confusing experience. We want to encourage dialogue and understanding amongst groups, and as community members with our own diverse experiences and views, the KNA will work to help facilitate discussions and foster understanding. We want to work to support and protect everyone, protestor and bystander alike, and to avoid negative impacts on our local infrastructure and businesses–many of whom are BIPOC owned. Please feel welcome approaching the KNA and its members if you feel there are areas which we can better work towards this end.


For additional information on protest activity in our neighborhood, please check out this flyer.

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