Low-Income Housing Project Moves Forward at Site of Kenton Women’s Village

In bittersweet news, Transition Projects Inc. (TPI) has announced receiving federal funding to proceed with the development of a low-income housing facility at the site of the Kenton Women’s Village (KWV) at 2221 N Argyle St, requiring the KWV to transition off the property by February 1st of next year.

Although the KWV received overwhelming neighborhood approval last June to operate another year, the KWV was always intended to be a limited-duration pilot project and has been residing on public land under contract to be sold to TPI. However, given the success of the KWV, the Joint Office of Homeless Services has revealed intentions to evaluate the possibility of establishing a permanent version of the KWV that Catholic Charities would continue to operate at a nearby city-owned property at 2420 N Columbia via letter sent to the chair of the KNA yesterday (See below).

Discussion and assessment of this potential 2nd iteration of the KWV has just begun, and the KNA will be actively working to ensure that neighbors are engaged and informed in the process; but while there is a commitment from local government and Catholic Charities to keep the KNA as a key partner, the KNA doesn’t expect this new proposal to be subject to neighborhood approval.

Regardless what the future holds, project organizers of the KWV have vowed to ensure that all KWV residents will be placed in permanent or bridge housing.

The KNA will certainly share additional information on this process as it arrives, but if you have any questions, concerns, etc. or would like to get involved, please contact us.



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