Monuments and Memorials: Open Call for Ideas

Converge 45’s Portland’s Monuments & Memorials Project is bringing people together to consider the conditions and impacts of public monuments in Portland, including those that have been removed and those that should be built.

Kenton is located on the unceded land of the Chinook, Kalapuya, Cowlitz and Multnomah peoples. The original wetlands have been diked and transformed to accommodate industry. Historically, the area was home to sawmills, meat packing plants, the City of Vanport, the flood of 1948 and the Japanese Assembly Center – Japanese Internment. Now we see Black Lives Matter demonstrations, community gardens, a vibrant business district, a roaring racetrack and a lumberjack with an axe in his hand.

A group is being formed to research, interview and consider our community with the goal of making a proposal to the Monuments & Memorials Project by mid-June. It can be temporary or permanent. We need people of all ages and talents to connect, dream, laugh, play and think. All are welcome. We will be safe and respectful. Contact: Linda Wysong

See the city wide project: Portland’s Monuments & Memorials Project (PMMP)

Leaded Fuel Use At PIR

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