Newest Update for Denver Streetscape

Work continues on the sidewalks between Watts and Kilpatrick. The contractor is installing street curbs and concrete planter boxes.  Next step will be pouring concrete for the sidewalks and driveways.

 Project construction will be moving northward along the east side of N Denver Avenue between Kilpatrick and McClellan.  Business access ramps and temporary walkways will be installed and maintained there as they have been in the current construction area.

Trees:  Most of the new trees will be planted in tree wells flanking the new stormwater planter boxes.  One additional trees will be installed in each of the stormwater planter boxes near the southeast corner of Denver/Kilpatrick and Denver/McClellan.

Latest Quesiton/Answer update on the Denver Streetscape:

Please remember, North Denver Avenue is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  Check the coupons to use on your next visit to our local businesses.

Denver Ave FAQ October 2009

Denver Streetscape Coupons

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