CANCELLED: Noise Review Board to Hold Meeting in Kenton

The city of Portland’s Noise Review Board, which engages the community on noise-related issues, is having their next meeting at the Historic Kenton Firehouse (8105 N Brandon), 6pm, on March 12th to discuss a noise variance application for the Portland International Raceway Columbia River Classic.

In this application, the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts (SOVREN) is seeking an additional three-year noise variance of 112dBA for the Columbia River Classic to be held at Portland International Raceway (PIR) with the 2020 race set to take place September 12-13.

Previously, this race was held during Labor Day Weekend, but when IndyCar made its return to PIR in 2018, it created a conflict on Labor Day Weekend and bumped the Columbia River Classic variance event to the following weekend, creating back-to-back variance events.

The KNA has already chimed on the matter and asks that this “current SOVREN variance application be denied unless SOVREN agrees to event dates as part of their noise variance application that avoid back-to-back variance events as agreed to by the Noise Review Board, PIR and the KNA back in 2018.”

All neighbors are encourged to attend the hearing on March 12th.

General Meeting and Annual Election

The KNA welcomes all neighbors to attend the General Meeting and Annual Election on June 9th!

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