North Denver Streetscape Project Starts September 29th

I think we were all starting to wonder when the Denver Streetscape was actually going to really start but recent updates from the Portland Department of  Transportation have provided the start date of Tuesday, September 29th beginning at N Watts Street.  Businesses along North Denver Avenue will be open and accessible via sidewalk and street access during this project.  Please print a copy of the Denver Street Coupons and help make sure our businesses stay whole and healthy during this phase.

If you would like to be on the email update lists, please contact   Request emails should have “Streetscape Update” in the subject line.  The project website will also be updated regularly. so you can go there to get the latest project information.

The following documents will provide further details:

Denver Ave Streetscape Project – Update No. 3

Streetscape contracto R_R notice to businesses rev

Denver Streetscape Coupons

Denver Streetscape Fact Sheet

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