Pep Coworking Shop Finds New Owner

Pep Coworking Shop was opened in the heart of Kenton over 5 years ago by Kenton resident Darsey Landoe. Since then, it has been a space for work and community for many Kenton residents, but just a few months ago, Darsey announced she would be closing shop after a year that has been tough on many of our small businesses.

Fast forward to today and Pep CoWorking Shop will live on after being purchased by Arbor Lodge resident Cory Doiron. Cory has been a long-time supporter of Kenton and previously served as a KNA Board member before moving to Arbor Lodge.

Pep Coworking Shop is a space for independents to work together. It’s an open, shared office space with just enough room for eight comfortable desks and a large conference table. Giant windows and high ceilings expand the room. Pep’s size means members know each other by name and understand each others’ work.

If you’d like to check it out, feel free to walk by (2105 N Willis) or check it out online ( or Instagram @pepcoworkingshop).

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