Rain Gardens 101 Naturescaping Workshop Register NOW

Title: Rain Gardens 101 Naturescaping Workshop
Location: Historic Kenton Firehouse
Start Time: 1:00 pm
Date:  Sunday, October 25th
End Time:   5:00 pm

Registration is Free:  http://www.emswcd.org/workshops-events?func=details&did=104

The KNA sponsors this Naturescaping Workshop to help our neighbors learn new garden options and improve the ecosystem in our neighborhood.   Marina Wynton, the KNA Green Subcommittee Chair will be the host.

 Rain gardens are a great way to add beautiful landscaping to your yard and protect our overloaded urban streams at the same time. Join us to learn how to build a rain garden on your property to keep our streams clean and healthy!

You will learn the how to assess your site to determine the best location and size, calculate impervious surfaces, determine soil suitability, choose appropriate plants, and how to maintain your new rain garden. You will receive a rain garden packet to bring home that shows all the steps.

The KNA is holding a neighborhood-wide quest for a graphic design logo for an upcoming apparel line

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