REACH CDC Kenton Project Update for March

Although we had a positive meeting with Prosper Portland and REACH CDC last month and appreciate everyone’s willingness to engage with us, we weren’t able to establish much for a viable option to restore the commercial space to the development of TriMet’s property at 2133 N Argyle.

We had hoped Prosper Portland could help reduce the funding gap, but REACH CDC would have be able to pay prevailing wages first before Prosper Portland could add any support—a chicken-before-the-egg situation.

Ultimately, the decision was made to petition the TriMet Board to assist with finding a solution like maybe doing a land lease over selling the property to REACH CDC. So far, those efforts haven’t warranted a response.

REACH CDC is continuing to move forward with the project without commercial and is preparing to submit their land use application to the city.  They are still awaiting some funding awards tied to the housing component, so it’s not completely a go yet. The KNA is looking at having them attend our May meeting.

As for action items, neighbors can contact the TriMet Board directly to support the position of the KNA Board. I was also looking at the next meeting of the N/NE Oversight Committee as another action item, but REACH CDC didn’t end up being on agenda for this month.

If you have any questions, concerns, etc., please contact us.

Tyler Roppe

KNA Chair

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