Repaving of N Denver Starts Next Week with Partial Closure [UPDATED]

UPDATE 9/3: A new construction has been released:

Sept. 3 – Set up Temporary Traffic Control Plan/Detour

Sept. 5 – Construct new ADA Ramps

Sept. 9 – Nov. 1: Southbound traffic on N. Denver Avenue between Lombard and Watts will be detoured to N. Interstate Avenue.

November 5 – Striping and signage installation

November 9 – Project completion (weather permitting)

UPDATE 8/31: PBOT informed the KNA that they will be “working tirelessly to clear up any misconceptions and to regain the trust of you and your neighbors (both residential and business) so that we can deliver a project that meets your expectations and that has a positive impact on the community.” As well, N Denver is not expected to be closed early next week as PBOT works to ensure that they have “a clear strategy about next steps and that, upon solidifying the path forward, provide comprehensive communication about what the community can expect.” 

The Kenton Neighborhood Association has learned via a press release out today of the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) planned construction schedule for the repaving project of N Denver Ave from Lombard to Watts.

In particular, from September 3rd to October 1st, southbound traffic on N Denver between Lombard and Watts will be detoured to N Brandon, and then from October 2nd to November 1st, northbound traffic on N Denver over the same stretch will be redirected to N Brandon.

Sidewalk and driveway access will be available throughout, but no further information is known.

With public engagement stemming back to February of 2018, PBOT previously envisioned construction taking a couple weeks and made commitments to the KNA and Kenton Business Association to have construction not interfere with significant neighborhood events like the Kenton Garage Sale, which is on September 7th.

Today’s announcement stands in stark contrast to any previous communications from PBOT with only a few days of notice.

Work was supposed to happen last summer but was delayed to ensure PBOT had sufficient input on how the street should be configured after repaving it. Since December of last year, the project had been slated for completion this summer, and construction was previously expected to happen in August under a much shorter timeline.

Neighbors are encouraged to reach out to the following individuals for any questions and/or concerns:
Project Manager Geren Shankar, 503-823-4793,
PBOT Director Chris Warner, 503-823-1055,
Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, 503-823-4682,

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