Arbor Lodge Shelter Update

Here’s an update on the Arbor Lodge Shelter from the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association:

I bet you’ve noticed some changes at the Arbor Lodge Shelter. The privacy sheeting has gone up along the fencing, and the gate near the old Rite Aid front door is the way to access the Shelter with any donations now. Just ring the doorbell and someone will come to assist you.

Privacy is a big thing for those who have been on the streets, the privacy sheeting helps them feel protected and not “on display” for curious folks walking or driving by.

Sadly, the opening of the Arbor Lodge Shelter has increased both foot traffic of houseless folks in/around the AL Shelter, and a few campers too. Why camp near the AL Shelter? The waitlist is now 300+ to get into the Shelter. If you don’t have a cell phone to answer, some feel being closer increases her/his/their chances of getting into the shelter program.

Trash pick up near the Shelter. April 6th, 12-2pm:
We are inviting anyone to join us in a short trash pick up to cover the areas of Lombard, Campbell, Denver, and other streets within a 3-5 block area around the Shelter. We will pair you up (if you are willing) with a volunteer from the AL Shelter residents and/or staff. We will provide garbage bags, trash picker uppers, and safety vests, maybe gloves. You need to come with closed toed shoes, gloves, your own water bottle, and a smile. Just show up on Denver near the back gate to the AL Shelter at 12pm on April 6th to volunteer.

Thank you!

Questions? Please email:

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