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The city has proposed a budgetary reduction in staffing hours at our district coalition, North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS). While the overall budget remains steady for this fiscal year, the hours for the NPNS office personnel have been reduced by 20% in order to accommodate the addition of a supervisory position on the grounds that this will improve efficiency. The KNA, along with the many of organizations supported by NPNS, disagree with this position.

This supervisory position is intended to allocate 38% of their time to NPNS and 62% to East Portland Community Office (EPCO). However, this position is currently spending approximately 90% of their hours at EPCO. This creates a situation where NPNS is unfairly being made to subsidize another part of the city. While EPCO needs the additional support because their staff is relatively inexperienced, the funding for that support should be found elsewhere.

As well, because the NPNS office staff is well seasoned, the actual need for supervisory support is minimal, and the community is unsure what duties on behalf of NPNS the supervisor would perform.

The two office staff persons at NPNS work full time for a reason. They provide support services for 18 member non-profit organizations and 11 neighborhood associations as well as many other groups and individuals. Those services include:

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